May 12, 2011: UPDATE on Guggenheim Boycott

May 12, 2011 Dear all, This past week, a number of signatories met with representatives from the Guggenheim Foundation and Museum and (by speakerphone) members of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC). The meetings permitted us to resume the conversations we initiated with the Guggenheim in June 2010 and to move forward … Continue reading

More than 1000 Artists Call for Guggenheim Boycott over Migrant Worker Exploitation

March 26, 2011 Since the March 17th release of the Gulf Labor petition letter, it has been signed by more than 1100 people, the vast majority from the artworld. Clearly there is widespread support for the intent of the letter. The result is largely what the original signatories intended–to put public pressure on TDIC and … Continue reading